Assetto Corsa Cars Adam Cup by PTSims 1.1 Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Adam Cup by PTSims 1.1 Downloads MODs

In an attempt to always offer the best to its community, PTSims took, many years ago, the modding path, offering since its first years of activity high-quality mods with absolutely exclusive content. Renowned championships such as GT Series, initiation championships such as the Lotus Exige (part of the PTSims Academy), or simply dream road cars, PTSims was, for several years, the Portuguese community that most exclusive content offered to its members, for the simulators GTR 2 and Race 07. Every mod was created and released with great care, and the quality reflected that, not only because of the community feedback, but also because many championships with full grids came to life with these mods.

After some years without releasing any mod, it is with great pride that PTSims presents once again exclusive content! This time around, the recently-released simulator Assetto Corsa was chosen as our platform. After many months of hard work by a big team, who started from scratch, we are proud to present the first mod of PTSims Modding Team: the Opel Adam Cup!

Released by the German brand in November 2012, the Opel Adam Cup is a rally car based on the road model with the same name. In Germany, the car has its own championship, named ADAC Opel Rally Cup. The PTSims version was based on this one but prepared, naturally, for tarmac races. The Opel Adam Cup is therefore a fun car to drive, which allows all kind of drivers, rookies or more experienced, to participate in funny and competitive races, because it doesn’t demand great changes in the car’s setup. The PTSims version has the following 

As it is natural, this is the first version of the Opel Adam Cup, so there are certainly small bugs to fix and various improvements that can be made. Therefore, we ask everyone for some feedback! The mod is available to anyone, without exception, and we allow it to be publicized everywhere. However, no one is authorized to modify or convert the mod without authorization from PTSims. Please respect our work and always credit us when using this mod elsewhere. If you want to help us improve the mod, please contact us through or visit our forum (
PTSims Modding Team hopes to release some more high-quality mods in the near future that will offer exclusive content for Assetto Corsa! The Opel Adam Cup is available below for download, have fun with it!

– Engine: Opel Ecotec 1.6
– Weight: 1031 kg
– Horsepower: 260 bhp @7500 rpm
– Torque: 190 Nm @5000 rpm
– Drive: FWD
– Gearbox: 5 speed, sequential
– Top Speed: 230 km/h
– Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds
– Fuel tank: 38 litres
– Available tyres: Michelin slick

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Assetto Corsa Cars Adam Cup by PTSims 1.1 Downloads MODs 2
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