Assetto Corsa Cars Bus Orion VII NG + Drift Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Bus Orion VII NG + Drift Downloads MODs

The TTC Orion VII buses are standard semi low-floor transit buses used for public transport operated by the Toronto Transit Commission built by Orion International in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They are the most common buses in the TTC fleet. This model is manufactured for the TTC by Orion International in Mississauga, Ontario and Oriskany, New York.

The buses are the first model of bus that TTC has purchased in the 21st century. Built with a stainless steel frame, low-floor front and high floor back (semi low-floor configuration), the Orion VII addresses many of the complaints the TTC had about the Orion Vs and VIs, including poor quality construction, poor metals that corroded prematurely, inadequate passenger capacity, inadequate accessibility, and excessive emissions. 

The Orion VIIs use a stainless steel design that won’t corrode like the earlier carbon steel frames. The bus is fully accessible, includes Luminator Horizon LED destination signs for greater visibility, has more seats and floor space than other low-floor buses on the market, and employs a clean-burning diesel engine, eliminating the need to invest in alternative fuels and technologies.
These buses have been delivered since 2002. 

The GM New Looks and other older models have been retired as the Orion VIIs have been added to the fleet. Orion VII aren’t the only models in the TTC fleet with the other being Nova LFS.

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