Assetto Corsa Cars GoKart 0.3a Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars GoKart 0.3a Downloads MODs

A go-kart, also written as go-cart (often referred to as simply a kart), is a type of open-wheel car. Go-karts come in all shapes and forms, from motor less models to high-powered racing machines, some, like Superkarts, being able to beat racing cars or motorcycles on long circuits.

Gravity racers, usually referred to as Soap Box Derby carts, are the simplest type of go-karts. They are propelled by gravity, with some races taking place down a single hill.

Recreational karts can be powered by four-stroke engines or electric motors, while racing karts use a two-stroke or rarely a higher powered four-stroke engines. Most of them are single seater but some recreational models can sometimes accommodate a passenger.

In some countries, go-karts can be licensed for use on public roads. Typically there are some restrictions, e.g. in the European Union a go-kart on the road needs head light (high/low beam), tail lights, a horn, indicators and a maximum of 20 hp.

GoKart 50ccm – 13bhp/11NM, 70kg, ~105km/h
GoKart 100ccm – 22bhp/15NM, 71kg, ~125km/h

GoKart 125ccm – 31bhp/21NM, 71kg, ~140km/h
GoKart 125ccm Shifter – 41bhp/28NM (Turbo), 74kg, ~155km/h, 6-speed

Big thanks to bobskype and Lunae for physics, and mclarenf1papa for starting this project. 

Also thanks to SimonTek for making first set of skins.

Inspired by Gran Turismo Kart Junior, Kart 100, Kart 125 and Kart Shifter…

Have fun!

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