Assetto Corsa Cars Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 1.3 Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Cars Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 1.3 Downloads MODs

The 2014 SEAT León Eurocup was the fourth season of the SEAT León Eurocup,[1] and the first since 2010. The season was contested over six race meetings – with two races at each meeting – starting on 3 May at the Nürburgring and concluding on 2 November at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Baporo Motorsport drivers were able to take the top two places in the drivers’ championship, with Pol Rosell taking the championship after a second-place finish in the first race at the final round of the season. Rosell achieved six podium finishes during the season, with only one win at the Salzburgring, but only missed the points on two occasions. 

His team-mate Manuel Gião also scored points in ten races, taking five podium finishes and two victories, coming at Monza and at the final round. Gião’s final round victory allowed him to overtake Julien Briché, driving for his eponymous JSB Compétition team, for the runner-up position. 

Briché won races at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza, but finished fewer races. Stefano Comini and Stian Paulsen each won three races during the season, but runs of non-scoring races each cost them a shot at the championship, while the only other race winner was Ferenc Ficza, who won at Silverstone.

Seat Leon EuroCup 2014 for Assetto Corsa
Title : Seat Leon EuroCup 2014
Author : Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) 
Description : Add-On mod for Assetto Corsa


Version: 1.0
Mod : Scratch-made model by Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)

Known issues : When you race with AI, be careful after the start procedure, because
they are starting slowly.

Features : Contains almost all currently features, such as animations (driver, door, wiper), damage system, FMOD sound
Contains the 2014 real liveries (38)

Credits : 3D model and textures: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)
Physics: Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78)
Sound: Lukas Möllmann

Krisztián Terényi (Kopi) 18 – /T.Mourgues, G.Wéber, M.Hernandez, J.Briche(white), M.DeDiego, M.Baus, S.Kox, F.Rueda, J.Oriola, A.Carbonell, M.Giao, T.Fjordbach, A.Martinez, M.Pellegrini, S.Zanini, L.Veglia, E.Bus, J.Monroy/

Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) 19 – /J.Schmarl, P.Rosell, A.Vinyes, M.Lalusic, J.Briche(blue), S. comini, D.Bulatovic, P.Foglio, J.Font, N.Tóth, F.Ficza, H. Arruabarrena, M.Jensen, P.Ward, S.Stahl, R.Ferri, L.Sanz, A.Pellinen, J.Vinyes/
Dominik Kiss 1 – /S.Paulsen/

Physics test: Ferenc Ficza, Norbert Tóth, Ákos Keszthelyi (Gadfly),
Attila Borbély (Voodoo), Gilbert Poszmik (Gilberto), Péter Rigó (Ginger17), Péter Retkes (RPeti)

Promo Videos: Ákos Keszthelyi (Gadfly)

Special Thanks to:
Stefano Comini, Thibaut Mourgues, Ferenc Ficza, Norbert Tóth, Gábor Wéber
Have fun, enjoy!

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