Assetto Corsa Track SHOWTIME 1.4v Downloads MODs

Assetto Corsa Track SHOWTIME 1.4v Downloads MODs

AlienGTR is proud to present his first track. It’s a fantasy track that reproduces a head to head (1 vs 1) challenge.
To complete a full lap you must pass the finish line twice.
There are 6 pit boxes but only 2 cars can race simultaneously. The other cars are only for streaming.

Special thanks to:
Ir Sindaco for physical road
MaoZeTung for testing
Fast & Aged team
AC Official support forum

V. 1.4
– new guardrails
– add 3d grass
– added and refine road bumps
– new surface.ini
– added new scenario elements
– refine track cameras
– general texture and material optimization
 How to download from flexydrive Como descargar de flexydrive

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