Dirt Rally Download Mods DIRT RALLY CAMERA MODS 1.0 Cams

Dirt Rally Download Mods DIRT RALLY CAMERA MODS 1.0 Cams

What the mods do…
All versions of the mods reduce the visibility of the cars glass.
All versions of the mods remove the annoying effect that triggers when you hit an object at speed.
Camera Files Backup and Restore
Backup the existing camera files:
This will create a complete backup of your cars camera files and place them in the carsmodelsBackup folder.
Restore previously backed up camera files:
This will copy the camera files found in carsmodelsBackup back into the carsmodels directory
Restore the games default camera files:
This will install the original games camera files into the carsmodels directory, The original default files are part of the exe and are always available via the installer.
No Replay Fix
Enable Large Replay files:
This will enable the game to create large replay files.
The replay files take up many Gigabytes on your C: drive. 
Disable Large Replay files:
This will disable the game from creating the large replay files. 
This mod can help if your game is stuttering/slowing down.
This mod can also fix game crashes for some people.
This mod will enhance the illusion of speed.
Fixed Chase Cams with different heights
The chase cameras now have lag/roll/jolt/pull away etc removed.
There are 10 different heights for the chase cams, 0 to 9
Post Processing Mods
There are 3 types of post processing for the mods, Default, Neutral and AgentHeX Custom.
As the game designers made it.
Improves the colours in the game, Adds some subtle effects.
AgentHeX custom:
adds some subtle effects depth of field, motion blur.
Free Download
 Dirt Rally Download Mods DIRT RALLY CAMERA MODS 1.0 Cams

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